Divinity Redefined – Alampur Jogulamba

Driving on Hyderabad – Bangalore Highway, near Gadwal district, there is one stop that catches your attention “WELCOME TO ALAMPUR JOGULAMBA TEMPLE”.  We were enroute to Kurnool and could not miss visiting this place.

Alampur, is located approximately 220 km from Hyderabad,  22 Kms from Kurnool, 126 Kms from Mahbubnagar & 200 kms from Srisailam.

It is easily accessible through Hyderabad-Bangalore highway.

Alampur road is the nearest railway station located at a distance of nearly 9 km.

Jogulamba temple road is like any other regular rural road and you will not realize the magnificence until you reach and see a group of beautiful Navabrahma temples inviting you.


This temple is 5th Shakti Peetha among 18 Shakti Peethams in India.  The mighty temple is on the banks of confluence of rivers Krishna and Tungabhadra.

There is a small elevation near the temple, over which you can see beautiful river. Since we visited during Monsoon, the river was flowing with full capacity. The view is great with river on one side and  temple Dhwaja Stambha which is pointing towards the Sanctum on the other.

IMG_6144-COLLAGEThe Dhwaja Stambha symbolizes righteousness, reputation and propriety or the Trimurtis – Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva.


We reached the place around noon and had Darshan of Jogulamba amma. Since it was non festival time, we could finish our darshan in about an hour.

True to the nature of Shakti (Power) goddess here is seated on the Corpse with scorpion, frog, and lizard on the head. The eyes are wide open and tongue stretched out. This is the most fierce form of Goddess I have seen till date.  Having said this, sight of the diety fills your soul with happiness and you can feel that divine vibe for  quite a long time.

Long Shot with Nikon P900

Temple Timings:

All Days of the Week
07:00 AM – 01:00 PM
02:00 PM – 08:30 PM

Temple Timings might change during festivals, occasions and special days.

Besides divinity and sanctity, all our temples are known for their beautiful architecture. Jogulamba Navabrahma temples are no exception.

These Navabrahma temples (9 temples) reflect remarkable Badami Chalukyan architecture. They are rock cut temples. As you walk past the rock cut temples, you will observe carvings of different themes of Hindu culture.

One can also see various Sanskrit texts and Panchatantra references.


We took a beautiful walk around these Navabrahma temples and could not take our eyes off the beautiful sculptures, Siva linga, Nandi idols, chariot used for Rath yatra during Navratri and other festivals.

Dress Code:

Any decent outfit is fine for normal darshan. No Shorts/Night Pants
For special pooja like Rudrabhishekam, traditional attire is required.


There is an Archeology museum nearby that gives glimpse of collection of large and varied sculptures. There is a dargah also in the vicinity of the temple.

Food Arrangements:

Haritha Hotel is the nearest place offers good food and place to rest for tourists. You can book accommodation if you wish to stay. Visit : Telangana Tourism

There are small hotels and food joints but a very limited options to eat out here.

Outside temple you can find lot of shops with pooja items, books, small stone carvings etc. These shops are just like in any of the pilgrimage places.

General Tips:

  1. Carry your own water bottles that can be refilled. Don’t rely on plastic bottles.
  2. Maintain cleanliness. Don’t litter temple after eating prasadam or any other eatables.
  3. If you don’t find a dust bin, inform temple staff. They will arrange.
  4. No online booking are available for this temple pooja/services. You need to get it at temple itself.

This little getaway left a very pleasant experience on us. A place worth a visit.

A line from Adishankara Strotram:

Alampure Jogulamba, Sri Shaile Bhramarambika
Kolhapure Maha Lakshmi, Mahurye Ekaveerika

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