Colors of Kutch

As of today, we all are experiencing the same thing “LOCKDOWN”. While this lockdown is a way to fight COVID-19 and retrospect human behavior, it is also time to harp on memories.

The two most powerful warriors are PATIENCE and TIME
– Leo Tolstoy

As we wait with patience for life to get better, I will take you down the memory lane of RANN UTSAV.

Uniqueness of time is we can have memories from past, plans for future and yet cherish present moment.

Initially we had a simple plan of Hyd-Ahmedabad-Bhuj-Kutch but with friends anything can change. We added a few more stops to our trip, Jamnagar, GIR forest and Somnath temple. Blog on GIR and Somnath will follow.


RANN UTSAV as name suggests it’s a festival of music, colors, beauty and harmony. It’s a 3 month winter festival from Oct to Feb every year.

There are many tour operators and we booked from We booked a 2 day and 1 night package which includes tent accommodation, food and sunset view of White Desert.

We took overnight bus from Jamnagar to Bhuj and reached by 6am. We headed towards Bhuj railway station as per our itinerary. Just opposite railway station entrance, we found Rann Utsav arrival tents . The arrival tent was quite comfortable, neat and have amenities to freshen up.

Every tour operator has a tent setup, so you need to check before you handover the luggage. Your luggage will be tagged and is transported in bus in a well organized manner.

We had a bus starting at sharp 8:15am from Bhuj to Tent city, Dhordo. This is a 2hr journey by road and as you travel, you will see rough and harsh terrain on either side. There are some beautiful tents and huts on the way.

I would suggest, instead of booking Tent City, you can actually stay at Bhuj. I found Click Hotels good which is just outside Bhuj Railway station.

From Bhuj, you can drive down to White desert and spend as much time as you want for sunset or sunrise. On the way you can plan to visit some places. See here the list

With tent city, we had to come back in restricted time. This might be uneasy if you want to spend more time in white sand

Back to tent city, it is really amazing. The welcome was perfect with music.


Tent city was indeed colorful and well planned. With so many tourists visiting, you will never feel constrained space and there are ample of activities around.

Tents are arranged in clusters. Once you finish check in @ Reception, they give you cluster details and also coupons for breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner.

There are carts which you can use to move around the tent city.

Aerial view of clusters in Tent City. PC: Google
Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 7.34.38 PM
Panorama view of our tent



Tent city is mesmerizing both in day and in night. There was light and dance show and place is lit so well that you will be lost in world of music, colors and crafts.

Day and Night view of tent bazaar. Every thing is picture perfect and worth gazing


WhatsApp Image 2019-12-20 at 8.07.36 PM-COLLAGE
A few more ….



Colors all around




Experience in tent was indeed good. The facilities in tent were excellent and entire hospitality was so perfect that we never faced any problem in this 2 days stay.

This tent city might be good if you have elderly people with you. It will be a relaxed and comfortable way to experience Rann festival.

Now, most important aspect of our visit, WHITE DESERT.  It needs one complete post. Keep following….

Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 7.59.31 PM
Coming Soon….


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